ESG Information!2023 Taiwan Accounting Association Annual Conference

TEJ has been invited to the 2023 Taiwan Accounting Association Annual Conference on November 30th. In this session, we highlight the significance of sustainable disclosure information and provide an overview of ESG information disclosure among Taiwanese companies.

With the growing influence of ESG issues, countries worldwide are introducing regulations to encourage businesses to achieve sustainable development goals. In June 2023, the ISSB issued the IFRS S1 and S2, set to take effect in January 2024. This standard signifies that sustainability information will become part of financial reports, placing ESG disclosure on par with financial disclosures. As regulations take effect, challenges such as data comparability, reporting gaps, and industry-specific variations arise, making interpreting ESG information more complex.

TEJ’s ESG Sustainability Solution, encompassing over 20 publicly available websites and companies’ #SustainabilityReports, compiles more than 44 critical points based on ESG’s three dimensions. Our dataset spans from listed companies to publicly traded and #SMEs in Taiwan, offering a comprehensive basis for analyzing various ESG performance metrics.

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