Monthly & 2023H1 Sales of Taiwan Listed & OTC Companies Announced!

Tourism industry sees strong rebound, while Shipping & Trans. Industry experiences a contradictory plight!

Sales in June by TWSE Industries

TEJ has compiled a list of June’s top five industries with the highest revenue growth and decline by the TWSE industry classification. In terms of monthly revenue in June, the tourism industry grew by 74.73% YoY, the financial industry had a YoY growth of 13.13%, and the automotive industry ranked third with a growth rate of 10.31%. 

Sales in 2023H1 by TWSE Industries

In addition, for the first half of 2023, the tourism industry claimed the top spot in terms of revenue YoY growth with 53.67%. The automotive industry secured the second position with a growth rate of 14.96%, while the information services sector ranked third with a growth rate of 7.63%. Check what we’ve found from the below chart:

202306 Monthly Operating Revenue of Taiwan Listed Companies Announced!
Sales of Top 5 growing and declining industries in 2023/06. Source: TEJ Monthly Sales and Earnings Database

Outlook for Shipping & Trans. Industry in the Second Half of the Year

As of 2023H1, both monthly and accumulated revenues experienced a decline of over 40% compared to the same period last year. This decline can be attributed to a decrease in both freight prices and volumes, resulting in poor revenue performance for major container ship companies such as Evergreen Marine Corp. (2603), Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. (2609), and Wan Hai Lines Ltd. (2615). On the other hand, the two major airlines, China Airlines (2610) and EVA Air (2618), achieved YoY revenue growth of over 40% in June and more than 20% in accumulated revenue. The second half of the year is expected to continue benefiting from the post-pandemic reopening and the surge in outbound travel during the summer vacation period, which bodes well for the passenger market.

202306 Monthly Operating Revenue of Taiwan Listed Companies Announced!
Sales of Listed & OTC Shipping & Trans. Companies in June 2023. Source: TEJ Monthly Sales and Earnings Database

TEJ Monthly Sales and Earnings Database

According to the Taiwan Securities and Exchange Act, listed companies, including those on the stock exchange, emerging stock market, and publicly traded companies, are required to disclose their monthly revenue information for the previous month by the 10th of each month. Monthly revenue information, apart from its real-time advantage, can also assist investors or stakeholders in tracking a company’s operational performance during the interim period between financial reports.

If there is a need for monthly revenue and earnings data, please feel free to contact TEJ!