TESG Rating

TESG Rating


– the ESG Indicator for Companies in Taiwan – 

With more than 20 years of research experience in CSR and quantitative analysis, TEJ will launch the ESG ratings of Taiwan-listed and OTC companies, TESG Rating, by Q1 of 2022!

Quantitative Analysis as Foundation, International Standards as the Structure

Covering All Listed Companies in Taiwan and Solving the Problem of Insufficient ESG Disclosure

ESG-related implementation is the new emphasis for the evaluation of loans and credit businesses.

All listed companies in Taiwan are included, and the data collected will compensate for the incompleteness of CSR reports.

Ratings show a comparable result of ESG implementation of various companies in Taiwan and simplify due diligence of green finance.

Incorporating External Information, TESG could even Rate a Company without CSR Reports

7 Ratings (A+ to C-), Allowing You to Compare Ranking in the Same Industry and Rating across Industries

● Comparable ratings for ESG implementation of enterprises in different industries.

● Comprehensive E/S/G issues and industry rankings for performing due diligence analysis.

● Consistent evaluation of sustainability for the fulfillment of green finance.