Valuation Service

Valuation Service

Based on 5 Countries’ financial databanks, TEJ provides the most accurate valuation service.

TEJ has met the requirements of an Intellectual Property Service Organization in the area of Intellectual Property Valuation Services (IP3). All of the TVAL team members are Certified Valuation Analysts (CVA).

Evaluation of Financial Reporting Purposes

  • Unlisted equity evaluation
  • Purchase price apportionment assessment (PPA)
  • Impairment test analysis

Evaluation of Transaction Purpose

  • Asset exchange
  • Equity evaluation
  • M&A transaction evaluation
  • Business transfer

Evaluation of Intangible Assets

  • Patent
  • Patented technology
  • Trade secret
  • Trademark rights
  • Copyright
  • Contract
  • Certification
  • Concession
  • Right to use
  • Human Resources
  • Channel value

Financial Product Evaluation

  • Preferred stock
  • Convertible claims
  • M&A transaction evaluation
  • Employee stock options