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"What is Credit Risk Solution"

TEJ’s Credit Risk Index for evaluating business partners focuses primarily on credit scoring. It combines quantitative models as the foundation, supplemented by manual judgment from the research team. The methodology is transparent, distinguishable, and complemented by real-time monitoring tools (such as significant news updates, instant commentaries, and stock price fluctuations). This comprehensive approach assists users in managing credit risk associated with business partners or investment targets.

Why You Need Credit Risk Solution

Assist You in Risk Management and Position Establishment:

  • Risk position control.
  • Formulate quantitative investment strategies.
  • Supply chain management.
  • Regular monitoring of company credit risk.
  • Investment position screening.

Quickly Grasp Major Market News:

  • Categorize key events, deliver daily notifications, and quickly filter significant events.
  • Assess the impact of major events and take proactive actions to mitigate risks.
  • Access exclusive perspectives from researchers to easily grasp the context of events and enhance work efficiency.

Assessing Corporate Credit Risk:

  • Provide publicly transparent quantitative model ratings.
  • Adjust and standardize corporate financial data for comparability.
  • Regularly issue model validity verification and factor adjustment reports.
  • Simultaneously release the latest quantitative models upon the publication of new financial statements.
  • Wide rating coverage, including publicly listed companies and above.

Our Advantages

  • 我們的優勢

    Our Products Have a Significant Impact and Strong Efficacy.

    • They serve as primary reference indicator for credit lending in the banking industry, with domestic banks holding a market share of over 90%.
    • They are important reference indicator for securities firms and investment trusts in their investment decisions.
    • Domestic academic institutions and research organizations widely utilize them as measure of corporate credit risk.
  • 產品應用範圍廣

    Our Products Have a Wide Range of Applications.

    • Our products include alerts for significant news, real-time commentaries, and stock price fluctuations for monitoring corporate credits.
    • Stay informed about changes in corporate managements.
    • Understand the industry positions of companies.
    • Our products cover both the Taiwan and China markets.
  • 預警能力、穩定性、外部標竿

    Ability to Provide Early Warning, Stability, and External Benchmarks.

    • Regular data validation, ROC 90% and above, providing publicly verifiable proactive credit ratings.
    • Rating adjustments that reflect changes in risk, with a rating maintenance rate of 80%, facilitating long-term credit and investment decision-making.
    • In addition to internal validation, historical default rates are compared with ratings from international credit rating agencies.

Product and Services

Taiwan Corporate Credit Risk Index (TCRI)

TCRI™ focuses on publicly listed companies as the rating targets, employing a semi-expert process that combines quantitative modeling as the foundation with manual judgment. The methodology is transparent, distinguishable, and serves as an investment and credit reference for the financial industry.

TCRI Watchdog

In the era of information explosion, efficient access to critical information is crucial. The TCRI credit risk team specializes in studying industry trends, assisting you in efficiently applying data for position screening and risk management. You no longer need to search for needles in a haystack from daily events. TCRI acts as your watchdog, timely filtering and categorizing key events for you!

Credit Risk Market Model (CRMM)

Adopting the renowned Merton Model (1974) and the concept of real options, TEJ utilizes daily stock prices to predict company credit risk. After fine-tuning for the Taiwan market, the predictive capability of the model has significantly improved. It is suitable for the developed stock market and less developed bond market of Taiwan. Combined with the TEJ financial database, it is well-suited for daily risk monitoring.

China Corporate Credit Quantitative Model (CCRQM)

In response to the unique characteristics of Chinese companies, such as asset restructuring, backdoor listings, financial window dressing, and recent cases of cash fraud, we offer the CCRQM methodology. It provides proactive ratings for Chinese companies to enhance your early warning capabilities.

Our Research and Development

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