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TESG 永續發展解決方案

"What is ESG Sustainability Solution"

ESG has gradually received global attention, and the pursuit of sustainability is an essential capability for enterprises. ESG information has also become an evaluation standard for companies. However, potential obstacles such as insufficient information, difficult measurement methods, and increasingly stringent legal compliance supervision are often encountered in the evaluation.


In this regard, TEJ proposed TESG indicators, event radar, and corporate governance database. Through a complete sample of companies, a wide range of public information is included. At the same time, it is in line with international standards and used as corporate ESG evaluation criteria.

Why You Need ESG Sustainability Solution

ESG Sustainability Solution

Assist You in ESG Investment and Financing:

  • Assess ESG data of companies for credit applicants and adhere to the principles of green financing review!
  • Conduct portfolio screening and compare across industry levels to understand the company’s level of ESG implementation.
ESG 解決方案

Stay Informed About the Company's ESG Highlights:

  • Quickly assess the impact magnitude of ESG events.
  • Identify ESG events and the amount of fines imposed. 
協助您進行法規遵循 :

A Comprehensive Overview of Corporate Governance:

  • By referencing multiple indicators in the study of corporate governance, identify companies that prioritize the interests of stakeholders.
  • Conduct in-depth analysis of E/S/G issues and industry rankings to help you analyze companies.

Our Advantages

  • ESG 解決方案

    ESG Indicators Tailored for Taiwanese Companies.

    • Complete scope of coverage – including Taiwan-listed counter-emerging counters and public offering companies.
    • Complete theoretical basis – Quantitative analysis technology plus international ESG standards as evidence, in line with international standards.
    • Complete database – solve the problem of incomplete corporate disclosure; you can score even if there is no CSR report.
  • ESG 解決方案

    Over 40 Variables Related to ESG.

    Includes over 40 variables, encompassing over 600 subjects as a comprehensive database for measuring indicators, providing businesses with thorough ESG analysis services.

  • ESG 解決方案

    First Authorized SASB Provider in Taiwan.

    TESG Index is the first officially authorized use of SASB to comprehensively assess the ESG levels of publicly listed companies in Taiwan.

    Through SASB’s rigorous review process, TEJ has officially obtained SASB authorization, allowing TESG Index to advance Taiwanese companies in line with international ESG standards.

  • ESG 解決方案

    Corporate Governance Database Assists in Analyzing Companies' Management.

    Diverse non-financial data, encompassing comprehensive considerations and multiple relevant factors, enable you to swiftly and accurately grasp management risks while complementing the limitations of financial reporting information.

  • ESG 解決方案

    Expert Team

    Established in 1990, we are the largest and most comprehensive financial database in Taiwan. Our team members include carbon managers, corporate sustainability managers, sustainable carbon managers, and holders of various ESG certifications.

Our Research and Development

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