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Regulatory Technology Solution

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"What is Regulatory Technology Solution"

TEJ provides a comprehensive solution, starting from asset valuation, and risk estimation, to complete provision of BIS capital adequacy ratio calculation, automating the process of risk control and regulatory compliance.


Following the changes in Basel regulations and domestic laws, we assist financial institutions in improving the efficiency of regulatory reporting and management analysis, strengthening internal risk management capabilities. Currently, TEJ has successfully completed the construction of market value-at-risk automated calculation systems for multiple securities firms, managing investment positions, monitoring stress and backtesting, and assisting clients in risk identification and assessment.

Why You Need Regulatory Technology Solution

Regulatory Technology Solution

Assisting You in Risk Management and Control:

  • Instantly grasp the overall level of risk exposure and find the most suitable risk assessment model for your investment portfolio.
  • We provide various types of reports, including scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, and management analysis.
  • We help you monitor market risk and credit risk.
協助您進行法規遵循 :

Assisting You in Regulatory Compliance:

  • High model transparency and providing intermediaries for verification processes.
  • Adhering to officially published regulations.
  • Our professional team studies changes in regulations and system upgrades.

High Level of Automation and Short System Implementation Period:

  • Quick implementation and go-live within 3 months.
  • Fully automated operations.
  • Simplified workflow with short processing time, integrating daily reporting tasks for risk management personnel.

Our Advantages

  • BIS資本適足率計提系統 建置期短、提升工作效率

    Bis Capital Adequacy Ratio Provisioning System With Short Implementation Period, Enhancing Work Efficiency.

    1. The BIS system can be implemented within a short period of 1-3 months, and it offers fast calculation speed, with approximately 1,484 records being calculated in about 30 seconds.
    2. It provides daily market data maintenance and real-time updates of the BIS capital provisioning system based on officially published regulations.
    3. Through a user interface with management permissions, automated upload schedules can be set, reducing the time required for data aggregation and uploading.
    4. The system allows independent control and verification of asset positions by department, restricting access to asset position details only to the respective responsible departments.


  • Censrisk 市場風險評估系統 高度完整且模型透明

    Censrisk Market Risk Assessment System is Highly Comprehensive and Transparent.

    1. Complete and highly utilized database sources.
    2. High transparency of models with the intermediary validation process.
    3. Various risk value report designs for management and analysis



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