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Founded in April 1990, Taiwan Economic Journal (TEJ) specializes in providing all required and value-added information for fundamental analysis of the securities financial market. Forward-looking vision and pragmatic management. Our primary business is selling domestic and international data on securities, finance, industries, and macroeconomics. Additionally, we provide consulting services in economic analysis, model design, and database construction.

The pioneer team of TEJ established the cutting-edge financial database three decades ago when the term “financial database” was new and unfamiliar to Taiwanese corporations. Today, with the convenience of the Internet, our bold prediction is that it will enhance the personal financial capabilities of the investing public. In the future, skilled investors who excel in analytics will inevitably become a trend as they utilize databases and toolkits for financial investment analysis.

Quality Commitment
We provide high-quality information essential for decision-making.

Financial knowledge and the ability to utilize computer systems are the fundamental prerequisites for constructing a financial database. However, to build a “high-quality” database, passion is also required—not just mere patience. It is through passion that one continuously contemplates the significance of the data, its relationships and disparities, potential combinations, and derivations. This enables the database to be more accurate, comprehensive, timely, and responsive to decision-making needs. The farther one can think, the better the database can perform. Without thoughtful consideration, a database would be devoid of substance.

Furthermore, a high-quality database must possess sustainability. Under the consistent strategy upheld by the database company, professional knowledge and capabilities continue to grow, and the database consistently responds to changes in the financial environment. This ensures that the “high-quality” database is not just a passing trend. Once users adopt an external database, they must adjust their workflows to accommodate different databases, thereby bearing significant risks. Hence, an excellent database must commit to sustainable operations and adhere to its strategy.


Since 1990, TEJ has assembled various professionals in economics, accounting, financial markets, securities markets, database structures, computer systems, and statistics. With great passion, they have devoted themselves to “building the foundation of the financial information industry in Asia”—similar to how the petrochemical industry constructs a “light oil cracking plant.”

Success Cases and Achievements
TEJ has achieved significant success and built a strong reputation by serving a diverse range of clients, including financial holding companies, banks, insurance companies, securities firms, general enterprises, information technology vendors, and universities.
Financial Institutions
  • TEJ’s Credit Review Rules are cited by over 40 domestic and international banks.
  • IRB Modeling Project for Banks
  • Value at Risk Evaluating System of Portfolio Positions
  • Financial Statements Conversion Project
  • BIS Capital Requirements Management System
  • Consultancy of Business Valuation (Purpose of Financial disclosure)
  • Valuation and Consulting of Financial Assets
  • Consultancy of Green Finance Action Plan
Professional Investment
  • More than 100 Foreign and Domestic Investment Firms Received TEJ’s Investment Management and Analytics Service
  • Consultancy of Valuation of Financial Assets and Equity
  • Customized Stock and Performance Index
  • Consultancy of Responsible Investing
Research Institutions
  • Most cited by academic research in universities
  • Cited by international journals
  • Industry-Academy Cooperation of Investment Courses
  • Industry-Academy Cooperation of Valuation of Financial Assets and Equity
  • Industry-Academy Cooperation of Corporate Governance
Government Agencies
  • Industry Research/Financial Analysis
  • Transfer Pricing Analysis Tool
  • Development of a Business Information Platform
  • Courses in Risk Management and Green Finance Supervision
  • Consultancy of Business Valuation(Purpose of Transaction / Financial Disclosure)
  • Enterprise Supplier Risk Control
  • Investment Analysis and Risk Management of Portfolio
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Courses in Financial Statements and Valuation Analysis
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