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Credit Risk Solution

Mitigate Credit Risk, Provide Precise Analysis of Corporate Structure

TEJ’s Credit Risk Index for evaluating business partners focuses primarily on credit scoring. It combines quantitative models as the foundation, supplemented by manual judgment from the research team. The methodology is transparent, distinguishable, and complemented by real-time monitoring tools (such as significant news updates, instant commentaries, and stock price fluctuations). This comprehensive approach assists users in managing credit risk associated with business partners or investment targets.

ESG Sustainability Solution

One-stop solution for your ESG measurement, analysis, and legal compliance.

ESG has gradually received global attention, and the pursuit of sustainability is an essential capability for enterprises. ESG information has also become an evaluation standard for companies. However, potential obstacles such as insufficient information, difficult measurement methods, and increasingly stringent legal compliance supervision are often encountered in the evaluation.


In this regard, TEJ proposed TESG indicators, event radar, and corporate governance database. Through a complete sample of companies, a wide range of public information is included. At the same time, it is in line with international standards and used as corporate ESG evaluation criteria.

Valuation Analytics Solution

We offer specialized evaluation services based on high-quality databases and a verifiable assessment process.

TEJ accesses the service platform of a financial technology institution through IDV, providing IP Valuation Services. The TEJ team includes multiple Certified Valuation Analysts (CVA) for evaluation and analysis. From conducting pre-engagement requirement interviews to assisting with external expert consultations and management inquiries after case completion, we offer you a comprehensive and impartial one-stop evaluation consultancy service.


Quantitative Finance Solution

Efficiently develop investment strategies and conduct prompt performance analysis.

Driven by rising labor costs and the development of financial technology, precise investment strategies have gradually reduced the active investment market. As long as there is complete and reliable historical data and the investment market rules are transparent and stable, indirect analysis with the help of statistical methods can dig out practical investment factors and calculate cumulative investment strategies.


To help you improve research efficiency and solve the problem of cost-intensive research pre-data processing costs. TEJ’s TQuant Lab provides complete and reliable historical data, has the concept of time point, retains the information that can be saw at that time point in history, and truly reflects the stock price and return at that time.

Regulatory Technology Solution

Leave Your Time for Risk Analysis and Control, and Leave the Task of Risk Identification and Assessment to Us!

TEJ provides a comprehensive solution, starting from asset valuation, and risk estimation, to complete provision of BIS capital adequacy ratio calculation, automating the process of risk control and regulatory compliance.


Following the changes in Basel regulations and domestic laws, we assist financial institutions in improving the efficiency of regulatory reporting and management analysis, strengthening internal risk management capabilities. Currently, TEJ has successfully completed the construction of market value-at-risk automated calculation systems for multiple securities firms, managing investment positions, monitoring stress and backtesting, and assisting clients in risk identification and assessment.