TCRI™ Watchdog

TCRI™ Watchdog


TEJ has been developing the Taiwan Corporate Risk Index (TCRI) for over 20 years, providing an effective and easily interpretable method for assessing risks and analyzing data. Our mission and goal have always been to promptly deliver significant and relevant information related to credit risks to our clients.

In the Year of the Dog in 2018, we introduced the “TCRI Watchdog” with updated news and commentary database, aiming to help users quickly grasp the most significant events and information related to publicly listed companies. We also provide exclusive insights from TCRI to facilitate credit risk management and decision-making.

Three Key Aspects

  1. Key Features
    • Transforming cluttered data into actionable information
    • Systematic categorization with 5 major categories and over 70 sub-categories
    • TCRI researchers screen events and provide short commentaries
  2. Unique Advantages
    • Covers all publicly listed companies in Taiwan
    • Rapid understanding of major events influencing credit risks
    • Professional interpretation by TCRI researchers offering exclusive insights
  3. Benefits
    • Daily interpretation and screening of major events to provide the most useful information in a short timeframe
    • Early identification of significant event impacts for proactive risk mitigation or business development opportunities
    • Access to exclusive perspectives from researchers to enhance work efficiency

Event Classification – 5 Major Categories, 71 Sub-categories

TCRI Watchdog covers a wide range of samples and extensive information, including:

  • Major operational news
  • Material information from the Public Information Observation System
  • Top management and board changes
  • Various significant indicators (revenue decline, abnormal stock price fluctuations, stock pledge, negative net worth, auditor opinion changes, delisting or cancellation of public offering, stock trading suspension, full delivery)
  • TCRI upward and downward rating explanations, and more.

Three Sources of Risk Events A. Accounting/Financial Analysis: Information disclosure quality, financial reporting quality, etc. (12 sub-categories) I. Industry Outlook: Production, sales, human resources, research and development, investment and financing, regulatory compliance, etc. (15 sub-categories) M. Management Risks: Ownership, executive management capabilities, fair treatment of shareholders, social responsibility, etc. (20 sub-categories)

Crisis Events

  • Pre-default signs: TCRI downgrades, rumors of financial crises, delisting, regulatory penalties, etc. (12 sub-categories)
  • TCRI default events: Core default, presumed default, experience-based judgments, etc. (9 sub-categories)

Market Trading Events

  • Insider trading, speculative trading
  • Significant stock price declines or anomalies
  • Other market trading issues

Application of TCRI™ Watchdog and How to Utilize How to apply TCRI™ Watchdog:

  • Third-party validation: Trust the 20-year experience of TCRI™ in credit risk assessment.
  • In-depth analysis of industry trends to promptly identify abnormal companies.
  • Exclusive event analysis and insights from the TCRI™ team.

Quantitative Investment:

  • Categorized events for more convenient screening of key events.
  • Adjust investment positions based on the TCRI™ research team’s event intensity assessments.
  • Market volume and industry trend analysis to quickly understand market trends.
  • Incorporation of quantitative risk models to understand investment risks in funds.

Application of TCRI:

  • Flash news service: Daily email notifications on significant events and event intensity.
  • Customized email broadcasts: Tailored category or intensity notifications to avoid information overload and enhance insight.
  • Systematic user interface: User-friendly interface for easy data retrieval.