PRIS Financial Asset Valuation Tool

PRIS Financial Asset Valuation Tool


PRIS, specializing in the financial industry, provides comprehensive portfolio valuation and consulting services.

Currently, the assessed asset scope primarily focuses on bonds and interest rate products (CBAS, FRCP). The system not only calculates theoretical prices, interest rate spreads, and individual unit risk values but also provides important data related to asset valuation.

PRIS also offers professional asset valuation consulting and customized valuation system development project services.

Four Key Features of PRIS Services:

  1. Asset Valuation Service
  2. Systematic Customized Valuation System Development
  3. Professional Asset Valuation Consulting
  4. Four Major Service Features

Three Key Aspects:

  1. Key Benefits:
    • Accurate asset valuation models
    • Customized system development
    • Professional asset valuation consulting services
  2. Key Advantages:
    • Expert asset valuation team
    • Systematic valuation approach
    • Customized valuation projects
  3. Key Features:
    • Fully automated operations
    • Comprehensive financial industry portfolio valuation
    • Customized valuation reports to meet various needs

Flexible Provision of Three Service Modes, covering various aspects of financial product valuation needs:

  1. Daily Valuation Posting:
    • PRIS provides a daily valuation for all products
    • Automated process completed before the end of each workday
  2. Quarterly Financial Report Disclosure:
    • Comprehensive model description and valuation reports
    • Integration of methodologies, valuation, and risk assessment
  3. Advisory Consultation Services:
    • Professional asset valuation consultants from TEJ
    • Tailored development of valuation models